Jeff was joined by Sarah Erkmann Ward. They discuss how she moved to Alaska as a baby, her time working at KTUU, her time working in pharmaceutical sales, how she got into media and public relations, her time working for Mayor Dan Sullivan, why she decided to start her own company, and a general discussion about things happening in society.

Jeff was joined by Scott Kendall, former Representative Jason Grenn, and Shea Siegert to talk about the Alaskans for Better Elections ballot initiative. They discuss what the initiative does, why they are supporting it, how it will change how Alaskans elect politicians if it passes, how ranked choice voting works, the financial disclosure aspect of the initiative, and the current status of the court case. 

January 13, 2020

Jodie Hettrick - Episode 137

Jeff was joined by Anchorage Fire Chief Jodie Hettrick. They discuss why she decided to become a firefighter and paramedic, the different places she has worked in Alaska, some of the challenges of being a female firefighter, the Anchorage Fire Ops 101 program, how she got into the administrative side of things, the November 30 earthquake, being Fire Chief, and the fire challenges that Anchorage faces.

December 26, 2019

Scott Kawasaki - Epsiode 136

Jeff was again joined by Senator Scott Kawasaki (D - Fairbanks). They discuss the BP sale to Hilcorp, the PFOS issue in Fairbanks, the new budget, his time in the Legislature, the challenges facing rural Alaska, the PFD, how it has been coming from the House to the Senate, and what he expects for the next legislative session. 

December 23, 2019

Eric Croft - Episode 135

Jeff was joined by Eric Croft. Croft has served in the Alaska Legislature, the Anchorage Assembly and the Anchorage School Board. He recently filed to run for Anchorage mayor in 2021. They discuss his time in the Legislature, why he ran for School Board and Assembly, why he is running for mayor, the issues facing Anchorage including homelessness, education, crime, and the economy, and what the future holds for Anchorage. 

December 14, 2019

David Keith - Episode 134

Jeff was joined by David Keith, Campaign Manager for Al Gross' U.S. Senate campaign. They discuss his background in politics, some of the previous campaigns he has worked on, how he ended up coming to Alaska to run Gross' campaign, the previous 2014 Senate race in Alaska between Mark Begich and Dan Sullivan, their campaign strategy, and some of the likely issues that will be part of the race. 

December 9, 2019

Anne Zink - Episode 133

Jeff was joined by Dr. Anne Zink, the Chief Medical Officer for the State of Alaska, and Bonnie, a medical student who was shadowing her. They discuss how she got into medicine, the cost of healthcare in the United States, how to deliver the most cost effective healthcare, the opioid crisis, her recent one year sabbatical where she traveled around the world with her family, and the healthcare system in general. 

December 4, 2019

Dan Coffey - Episode 132

Jeff was joined by former Anchorage Assemblymember Dan Coffey. They discuss how he was adopted and came to Alaska, growing up in Anchorage in the 1950s and 60s, going to college and law school out of state, why he came back, how he got sober, how he became the lawyer for the Great Alaskan Bush Company, why he got into politics, running for Anchorage mayor in 2015, the homelessness problem, and his thoughts on many Alaska politicos. 

November 30, 2019

Bill Falsey - Episode 131

Jeff was joined by Bill Falsey, the Municipal Manager for the Municipality of Anchorage. They sit down to discuss the one year anniversary of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that rattled Anchorage and Southcentral Alaska on November 30, 2018. They discuss his background working in D.C., how he got to know Ethan Berkowitz, where he was when the earthquake hit, how the emergency command center got activated, the way the city handled the aftermath, all the memes, and how the city is prepared to handle this kind of situation in the future. 

November 27, 2019

Anu Fredrikson - Episode 130

Jeff was joined by Anu Fredrikson, the Director of the Arctic Economic Council. She was recently in Anchorage to speak at the Resource Development Council's annual conference. They discuss the mission of the Arctic Economic Council, her background working as a Finnish diplomat, the growth in investment and development in the Arctic, and the future of the Arctic. 

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