Jeff Landfield spoke with UAA/ISER economist Brett Watson, builder Eric Visser with Visser Construction, and realtor July Leslie with Elite Real Estate Group about why housing prices in Anchorage have recently surged. This originally aired as a livestream on June 8. 

Jeff was joined by Anchorage attorney Becky Windt Pearson. They discuss her time as Anchorage municipal attorney, her background and how she ended up in Alaska, how she met her husband, her time working as an attorney in Anchorage, how she became municipal attorney, the Campbell Lake issue, the 2018 earthquake, and a bunch of random topics. 

Jeff was joined by Brad Keithley. Keithley is a former oil and gas attorney who currently runs Alaskans for Sustainable Budgets. They discuss the history of oil and gas in Alaska, including the long talked about gasline, why he came to Alaska, his work in oil and gas, current decisions by the Biden administration about oil development in Alaska, Alaska's fiscal problems, the dividend issue, and his ideas for where Alaska is headed. 

Jeff was joined by former Department of Labor Commissioner Heidi Drygas. They discuss her time as Labor Commissioner under former Governor Bill Walker, how he choose her, her prior work with the Laborers Local 942 in Fairbanks, becoming a lobbyist, labor issues facing Alaska, how she met her husband, and the challenges of being a working mom. 

Jeff was once again joined by Juneau attorney Joe Geldhof. They discuss the recent actions in the legislature regarding the budget, the PFD issue and Governor Dunleavy's new 50/50 proposal, why the legislature can't seem to solve big problems, the cruise ship industry, the Alaska Industrial Development Export Authority, and a bunch of other random topics. 

Jeff was joined by newly elected Senator Robb Myers (R - North Pole). They discuss his first session in Juneau as a state senator, how he used to work as in intern in the Capitol, the challenges the Senate faced with organization, why he decided to run for office, how he defeated a long term incumbent with little money, his job outside the legislature, and some of the issues facing Alaska. 

Jeff was joined by Jared Cure', owner of the Narrows Bar in Juneau. They discuss why he came back to Juneau after 15 years to get into the bar business, his purchase of the Viking right before Covid hit, the impacts of Covid on the Juneau economy and how he is using it to his advantage, and his thoughts on how Juneau will recover from Covid. 

Jeff was joined by via Zoom by Alaska travel guru Scott McMurren. They discuss the impacts of Covid on the aviation and tourism industry, some of the amazing deals on flights this summer, the airline companies that will be operating and not operating in Alaska this summer, and his thoughts on Alaska's tourism sector this year and next. 

April 2, 2021

Adam Crum - Episode 194

Jeff was joined via Zoom by Health and Social Services Commissioner Adam Crum. They discuss the last year with Covid, how it's been running the Department of Health and Social Services, working with Alaska Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anne Zink, an update on vaccines, and his thoughts on what the future holds. 

Jeff was joined by lobbyist Frank Bickford. They discuss how he came to Alaska in 1980, some of the campaigns he worked on, how one of those campaigns led to a job in D.C., why he came back to Alaska, some great campaign stories that include how he ran Congressman Don Young's 1984 reelection, and why he decided to become a lobbyist. 

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