Jeff was joined by Senator Bill Wielechowski (D - Anchorage). They discuss the transgender girls in sports bill being debated in the Senate, the organizational problems in the Senate, his time in the old bipartisan Senate majority, the chaos with the budget on the Senate floor, the possibility of the House concurring with the Senate's colossal budget, how things have changed during his 16 years in the Senate, the redistricting process, and his upcoming re-election. 

Jeff was joined by Lael Oldmixon, the program director Alaska 529. They discuss how Alaska 529 - a savings plan that lets people save for their education - works, how and what the money can be used for, how they were established, the ability to use part of your dividend for Alaska 529, the rising cost of tuition and the student loan problem in the United States, some of the incentives they are currently offering, and how they are trying to get more people to open 529 accounts for themselves and their children. 

Jeff was joined by Senator Lisa Murkowski (R - Alaska) and Senator Joe Manchin (D - West Virginia). They discuss the recent confirmation vote of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, their role in getting the infrastructure bill passed, the media attention he got when he came out against the Build Back Better bill, the Senate voting to ban Russian energy imports, increasing American energy production, and what Manchin likes about Alaska. 

Jeff was joined by former KTVA employees Trent McNelly and Jason Sear. They discuss the story of when Charlo Greene infamously said "Fuck it, I quit" live on air in 2014 when she was a KTVA reporter, the roles Trent and Jason played in the immediate aftermath, how the situation quickly went global, their background in news and at KTVA, and the challenges the news media is facing. 

Jeff was joined by Jacqueline Tinetti from Council of State Governments (CSG) West. They discuss the history and role of CSG, how she got the job with CSG West, her background in California state government, some of the unique issues facing western states, how state governments handled COVID-19, and her thoughts about Alaska. 

Jeff was joined by Dr. Cathy Cahill and James Parish from the Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration with the University of Alaska Fairbanks. They discuss their group's work on drones, how the drone industry has changed over the last several years, the applications of expanded drone use in Alaska, how they are working with the state and federal government, and the future of their program. 

Jeff was joined by Representative James Kaufman (R - Anchorage). They discuss his background working in oil and gas, why he decided to run for the House, how it was running against the co-chair of the House Finance Committee, some of the bills he has been working on, his idea about a strategic management plan for the state, his time in the Capitol since being elected in 2020 including how COVID-19 impacted his first session, and his upcoming re-election. 

Jeff was joined by Alaska Department of Public Safety Commissioner Jim Cockrell. They discuss his background as an Alaska State Trooper, his time as head of the State Troopers and the Wildlife Troopers, why he decided to cancel the Alaska State Troopers TV show, public safety issues in Alaska, recruitment challenges in Alaska, this history of the State Troopers, how he became commissioner, and his goals with the Department of Public Safety. 

Jeff was joined by Representative Calvin Schrage (I - Anchorage). They talk about why he decided to run for the Legislature in 2020, how COVID-19 impacted his race, how things are different in the Capitol this year now that it's open to the public, the challenges of having a job and being in the Legislature, what it's like being in a narrow majority, Alaska's fiscal challenges, unlimited campaign contributions and his bill to fix that, his upcoming re-election, and how Jeff and Calvin were on different sides of his first election. 

February 28, 2022

Mindy O’Neall - Episode 232

Jeff was joined by Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly member Mindy O'Neall. They discuss why she decided to move to Alaska from Iowa, some jobs she worked when she first moved to Anchorage, how she got a job working as a staffer in the Alaska Legislature, why she moved to Fairbanks, how she got on the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly and became presiding officer, politics in Fairbanks, Alaska's new voting system, and the upcoming primary and general elections. 

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