August 10, 2022

Mike Gordon - Episode 256

Jeff was joined by former Anchorage bar owner and author Mike Gordon. They discuss his most recent book "Dagnabit!," how it was inspired by his old friend Ruben Gaines, how this book is different from his first book "Learning the Ropes," some of the stories that involved his bar Chilkoot Charlie's, how Anchorage has changed since over the decades, and the next book he is working on. 

Jeff was joined by Independent U.S. Senate candidate Shoshana Gungerstein. They discuss why she moved to Juneau, Alaska, her background in business, the cost of education, the impacts of inflation, how the price of oil impacts our economy, why she decided to run for the U.S. Senate, how her campaign has been going, how she plans on making it through the primary, the lack of younger people in the U.S. Senate, and why she is taking a position on a full Permanent Fund Dividend. 

Jeff was joined by Independent State House candidate Walter Featherly. They discuss how he moved to Alaska with his parents as a child, growing up in rural Alaska, attending college at St. Johns College in Sante Fe, New Mexico and then Harvard Law School, working as a lawyer in Alaska, why he is running for the Legislature, his thoughts on how the House will potentially organize next year, the PFD issue, and how he sees Alaska's future. 

August 1, 2022

Nick Begich - Episode 253

Jeff was joined by Republican U.S. House candidate Nick Begich. They discuss the upcoming special general election for Alaska's sole House seat, why he decided to run for Congress, how his grandfather was Alaska's last congressman before Don Young prior to his plane mysteriously disappearing in 1972, his business background, the homelessness problem in Anchorage, inflation and how it's impacting working people, foreign policy issues including what is happening between China and Taiwan, and the political division in our country. 

Jeff was joined by Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson's Chief of Staff Alexis Johnson and his Communications Director Corey Allen Young. They discuss how they were both born and raised in Anchorage, their work backgrounds, how they came to work for Mayor Bronson, the relationship between Bronson and the Anchorage Assembly, why Bronson decided to close down the Sullivan Arena as a shelter, allowing people to camp long-term at Centennial Park, why homelessness is so hard to solve, the housing shortage in Anchorage, and a recent trip Jeff took to Vegas.  

Jeff was joined by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. They discuss the dysfunction in the Alaska Legislature, how her fame since being John McCain's running mate in 2008 has impacted her life, being a creator on Cameo, why she decided to run for Alaska's sole U.S. House seat after former Congressman Don Young passed away, her issues with the Biden administration, why we need increased energy production in Alaska, how inflation is impacting working people, and her thoughts on her Republican opponent Nick Begich. 

Jeff was joined by Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson. They discuss his first year in office, his contentious relationship with the Anchorage Assembly, moving on from COVID-19, the ongoing homelessness problem in Anchorage, his plans to solve it, the housing crisis in the city, and the Assembly's recent approval of an ordinance that allows them to remove the mayor. 

Jeff was joined by Republican U.S House candidate Tara Sweeney and her campaign manager Karina Waller. They discuss Al Gross' withdrawal from the special election and how the Supreme Court ruled that Sweeney would not be on the ballot, why she decided to run for the late Don Young's seat, her time working as an assistant secretary of Interior for the Trump administration, oil and gas production in Alaska, her mom's time serving in the Alaska Legislature, and how she plans on campaigning for the regular general election. 

Jeff was joined by attorney Brett Frazer. They discuss the history of the Alaska Judicial Council, why it's unique from most other states for how judges are selected, the federal system to select judges, the history of the judicial system in the United States, the role the judiciary plays, why some people don't like the Alaska Judicial Council, why Brett thinks it's the best possible system, and some well-known Supreme Court cases. 

Jeff was joined by Democratic U.S. House candidate Mary Peltola and her campaign manager, Kim Jones. They discuss Peltoa's time serving in the Alaska Legislature, growing up in rural Alaska, her dad's longtime friendship with the late Congressman Don Young, how her campaign got her into the top-four in a 48 person race, Al Gross' withdrawal from the race, some of the issues facing Alaska, her strategy for the special general election, and why she decided to run for Congress. 

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