September 20, 2019

Mike Ferris - Episode 107

Jeff was joined by Mike Ferris, the owner of Alaska Enterprise Solutions. They discuss his time working for Williams in Lithuania, his time working for Xerox in Alaska, how he worked at a local IT company before Jeff did, why he started AES, his time as a commercial fisherman in Bristol Bay, and stories about commercial fishing.  

Jeff was joined by Paxson Woelber and Cale Green. They have both been part of Team Landmine since it started in October 2017. They discuss how Jeff met Cale, and then Paxson, when he ran for State Senate in 2016, how it was working on the campaign, how we call became friends, how the Landmine came about, some of the stories and projects we have worked on together, other interesting topics, and the idea of bear macing Jeff. 

September 13, 2019

Mike Gordon - Episode 105

Jeff was again joined Mike Gordon, the founder of Chilkoot Charlie's! They discuss his recent autobiography, "Learning the Ropes." In this episode they discuss his time on the Anchorage Assembly in the 1970s, how he was involved in the zoning of Anchorage, another bar he owned in Anchorage that became a gay bar, and how it got burned down, a bar he owned in Fairbanks, issues he had with Koot's during the pipeline boom, and an attempt to run away to Belize. 

September 11, 2019

Scott McMurren - Episode 104

Jeff was joined by travel and airfare guru Scott McMurren. McMurren is an Anchorage based marketing and travel consultant. He is a longtime contributor to the Anchorage Daily News. He is probably best known for finding amazing deals on airfares. Listen for some awesome airfare deals from Alaska to the Lower 48 and beyond. 

September 8, 2019

Kara Moriarty - Episode 103

Jeff was joined by Kara Moriarty, President and CEO of the Alaska Oil and Gas Association (AOGA). They discuss her history in Alaska, including moving to Alaska from South Dakota, working as a teacher on the North Slope, her time working in D.C., her time working in Fairbanks, her time working as a staffer in Juneau, how she came to work for AOGA, the mission of AOGA, the recent announcement that BP is selling its Alaska assets to Hilcorp, and other oil projects in Alaska.  

September 3, 2019

Bill Evans - Episode 102

Jeff was joined by former Anchorage Assemblymember Bill Evans. Evans served one term on the Anchorage Assembly from 2014-2017. They discuss his time on the Assembly, why he decided to move to Alaska, his time as a police officer in Ohio, why he decided to become a lawyer, a recent opinion piece he wrote for the Landmine, some of the issues Anchorage is currently facing, and his ideas on how to solve them. 

September 2, 2019

Karina Waller - Episode 101

Jeff was joined by Karina Waller, the Executive Director of the Ted Stevens Foundation. They discuss her time in D.C., including being there during 9/11, going to law school, her time working for Senator Ted Stevens, her time studying abroad in Russia, some stories about Ted Stevens, how politics has changed since Stevens was in office, and some projects the Ted Stevens Foundation is currently working on. 

Jeff was joined by Veri di Suvero, the Executive Director of the Alaska Public Interest Research Group (AKPIRG). They discuss the history of AKPIRG, utility issues, payday lending, how it works, why people use payday lending, consumer protection laws, why so many Americans have to resort to borrowing money to survive, and healthcare costs. You can click here to make a public comment on the proposed debt collection rule. 

August 27, 2019

Gary Stevens - Episode 99

Jeff was joined by Senator Gary Stevens (R - Kodiak). Stevens was elected to the State House in 2000. He was appointed to fill a vacancy in the State Senate in 2003. He has been in the Senate since. They discuss his history in Alaska, including his time in local government in Kodiak, his time in the Legislature, his four years as Senate President, current issues facing Alaska including the budget and PFD, and his decision to seek re-election next year.  

August 26, 2019

Larry Baker - Episode 98

Jeff was joined by former Representative Larry Baker. They discuss his history in Alaska, including why he moved here in 1968, how he brought Burger King to Alaska, why he decided to run for the Anchorage Assembly, his time in the State House, his very narrow loss for the State Senate in 1992, his time working for Mayor Dan Sullivan, and his thoughts about the current state of politics in Alaska. 

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