November 18, 2022

Jonathan Helton - Episode 270

Jeff was joined by Jonathan Helton, a policy researcher at the Grassroots Institute of Hawaii. They discuss the history of the Jones Act and Passenger Vessel Services Act (PVSA), what exactly they both do, how they impact goods, cargo, and people traveling on ships in the United States, how Covid impacted the PVSA, their impact on Alaska and Hawaii, why there is a strong lobby to keep them in place, and why some policy makers want to change or repeal these laws. 

November 7, 2022

Les Gara - Episode 269

Jeff was joined by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Les Gara. They discuss his plans to the lead up to Election Day, how the campaign has gone, his time in the Legislature, the never ending dividend issue, his ideas for a fiscal plan, how he thinks we can improve education and homelessness, the importance of the governor having a good relationship with the Legislature, his issues with GOP Gov. Mike Dunleavy, the issue of abortion, and what he thinks will happen on election night. 

November 2, 2022

Lisa Murkowski - Episode 268

Jeff was joined by Senator Lisa Murkowski (R - Alaska). They discuss why she doesn't do many interviews with national media, the chances of Republicans taking control of the House and Senate after the midterms, how issues like abortion, inflation, and the economy are factoring into the election, her thoughts about how her race will go, the 2024 presidential election, the problem with so many people not accepting election results, and the possibility of a gasline. 

Jeff was joined by Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas, who are running as an independent ticket for governor and lieutenant governor. They discuss the dynamics of ranked choice voting, how unlimited campaign donations are affecting the election, how Juneau is going to look next year, the ongoing pursuit of a gasline, the labor shortage in Alaska, Walker's idea to lower gas prices in Alaska, how high oil prices changed the dynamics of the last session, and their plans for the end of the campaign. 

October 20, 2022

Doug Massie - Episode 266

Jeff was joined by Republican State Senate candidate Doug Massie, who is challenging Senator Mike Shower (R - Wasilla). They discuss his career in the Alaska State Troopers, why he decided to run for the State Senate, how redistricting put him in Shower's Senate district, the drama involving former DPS Commissioner Amanda Price and how she was fired for going after Massie, recent false attacks against him and how he's dealt with it, some of the issues facing Alaska, the challenges running for office, and how he thinks the Senate will look next year. 

Jeff was joined by Alaska Miners Association Executive Director Deantha Skibinski. They discuss her wedding in the summer of 2020, the challenges of changing her name during COVID, how her mom, Marilyn Crockett, moved to Alaska and got hired by the Alaska Oil & Gas Association, her time working at the Resource Development Council and then the Alaska Miners Association, mining in Alaska, the controversy surrounding Pebble Mine, and the upcoming general election. 

September 29, 2022

David Eastman - Episode 264

Jeff was joined by Representative David Eastman (R - Wasilla). They discuss the lawsuit against him challenging his qualifications to run for office based on his membership in the Oath Keepers, why he was in Washington D.C. on January 6, how his political opponents have not been able to defeat him politically, the recent decision of a judge on his case, his experiences in the Legislature since being elected in 2016, the potential implications of the lawsuit against him, the danger of people not accepting election results, and how cancel culture is affecting society. 

September 27, 2022

Andrew Gray - Episode 263

Jeff was joined by Democratic State House candidate Andrew Gray. They discuss his podcast East Anchorage Book Club, how he ended up in Alaska the first time, why he moved to Europe, how he ended up in a professional Estonian choir, why he decided to join the military, how he ended up back in Alaska, his deployment in Kosovo, why he got involved in Anchorage politics, why he decided to run for the State House, and some of the issues facing Alaska. 

September 5, 2022

Cliff Groh - Episode 262

Jeff was joined by Democratic State House candidate Cliff Groh. They discuss his dad's time serving in the Alaska Legislature, his time working as a legislative staffer in the 1980s, the history of the Permanent Fund Dividend, his 2018 run for the House, why he is running for the House again, how the House could end up organizing next year, and his ideas on resolving the dividend problem. 

September 1, 2022

Jim Minnery - Episode 261

Jeff was joined by Alaska Family Council Executive Director Jim Minnery. They discuss how he grew up in Anchorage, what motivates the online mob to go after certain people or businesses, the Supreme Court case about the baker who did not want to server a same sex couple, the Supreme Court's recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and the impacts that is having on elections, the abortion issue, and the upcoming vote on the constitutional convention. 

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