July 24, 2018

Paul Johnson - Episode 6

Jeff was joined by UAA Economics Professor Paul Johnson. Paul Johnson is originally from Australia and has been in Alaska since 1989. They discuss Paul’s work in economics, his views on international economics, China’s trade relationship with Alaska, and the ongoing trade war with China.

July 15, 2018

Nick Moe - Episode 5

Jeff was joined by the one and only Nick Moe. Nick and Jeff have a few beers and discuss Nick’s history of running for office and his family. They also discuss the rise in crime and how it has been directly affecting Nick’s neighborhood.

Jeff was joined by Orin Seybert at the Alaska Aviation Museum on Lake Hood. Orin is an Alaska aviation legend. He started PenAir in 1955 and has flown all over Alaska. We discuss his moving to Alaska, why and how he started PenAir, and how the airline grew. He also tells the story of a serious plane crash he was involved in back in the 1960s.

Jeff was joined by State Senator Kevin Meyer. Kevin has served on the Anchorage Assembly, in the State House, and in the State Senate. He is currently the Senate Rules Chairman and has previously served as Senate President. He is running for lieutenant governor in the Republican primary We discuss the history of his service to elected office, how it has been serving in the legislature under different governors, and his campaign for lieutenant governor.

Jeff was joined by retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Margaret Stock. Margaret is an immigration attorney and expert on immigration law. She has been interviewed by NPR, Vice News, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and many other media outlets on immigration issues. We discuss the history immigration law in the United States, immigrants in the military, and the recent issues with children being separated from their parents at the border. Margaret is one of the leading experts on immigration law in the United States.

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