May 31, 2019

Ken Alper - Episode 82

Jeff was joined by legislative staffer Ken Alper. Alper previously served as the Director of the Tax Division for former Governor Bill Walker. Prior to that he worked as a legislative staffer. They discuss his history working in Juneau, Alaska's recent fiscal history, his background as an urban planner, the costs of living in Juneau during the summer, Juneau as the capital, oil taxes, as well as the Permanent Fund.

Jeff was joined by newly elected Representative Sara Hannan (D - Juneau). They discuss her District, her history in Alaska including some of her current colleagues she used to swim with, how she got into politics, the tourism industry in Juneau, her time as a teacher in Juneau, a recent story she told at Mudrooms, the current state of education in the United States, and a crazy story about a time she was assaulted in Russia.

Jeff was joined by Representative David Eastman (R - Wasilla). They discuss the 2008 Alaska Republican Party convention, his history of running for office, how he first got elected to the House, his time at West Point and in the Army, what it's like being in Juneau, the issues with the House not organizing for the first part of the session, how some of his votes and positions have made him a target, including on social media, and the makeup of his District.

Jeff was joined by Representative George Rauscher (R - Sutton). They discuss the makeup of his district, his work background in Alaska, how he came to Alaska on a motorcycle in the 1970s, where he was during the November 30th earthquake, his time on the Sutton Council, his history of running for the Legislature, and some of the issues currently facing Alaska. 

Jeff was joined by Angela Rodell, the CEO of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation. They discuss her history working as an investment banker in New York City, how she started working in Alaska, her time as Commissioner of the Department of Revenue, how she became CEO of the APFC, the history of the APFC, how it functions, the kinds of investments they make, as well as some of the successful investments they have made over the years. 

Jeff was again joined by Senator Bill Wielechowski (D - Anchorage). They discuss the end of session (since this recording the Governor has called a special session), his history in the Senate being in both the majority and minority, what it was like being in a bipartisan majority with people of differing political views, his time working with former Governor Sarah Palin, how the end of session negotiations work, how the Senate has been collaborating more this year, and his first election.  

Jeff was again joined by Representative Gabrielle LeDoux (R - Anchorage). This podcast was recorded on the last day of the regular legislative session, day 121. They discuss the end of session, her recent budget vote that resulted in her leaving the House Majority, the PFD, the crime bill and the issues between the House Majority and the Governor, and a likely special session. 

May 15, 2019

Ed King - Episode 75

Jeff was joined by Ed King, Chief Economist for the State of Alaska. They discuss his background working as an economist, his previous roles for the State and the Walker administration, the recent recession in Alaska, the State economy, the budget and deficit, how it is working for Donna Arduin, and his time in Alaska. 

Jeff was again joined by the awesome Libby Bakalar. They discuss what she's been up to since the last podcast, the recent ACLU fundraiser she attended, some recent issues in the news, how social media has been changing, the effects social media is having on society, the outrage culture, how so many people have become dependent on social media, and the changing roles companies like Facebook and Twitter are playing when it comes to regulating speech. 

Jeff was joined by former Alaska Senator and Governor Frank Murkowski. Murkowski served as one of Alaska's Senators from 1981-2002 and then served as Alaska's eighth governor from 2002-2006. They discuss the time he met Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the time President Reagan and Pope John Paul II came to Fairbanks, resource development in Alaska including timber and gas, and a great story about how he brought two children back from Vietnam to their mom in Fairbanks. 

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