January 27, 2020

Louise Stutes - Episode 140

Jeff was joined by Representative Louise Stutes (R - Kodiak). They discuss her time as bar owner in Kodiak, why she decided to get into politics, why she decided to run for the Legislature, the Alaska Marine Highway, the start of the second session, a recent issue she had with the Board of Fish at a meeting in Kodiak, and what she expects to happen this session with the PFD. 

Jeff was joined by Sarah Erkmann Ward. They discuss how she moved to Alaska as a baby, her time working at KTUU, her time working in pharmaceutical sales, how she got into media and public relations, her time working for Mayor Dan Sullivan, why she decided to start her own company, and a general discussion about things happening in society.

Jeff was joined by Scott Kendall, former Representative Jason Grenn, and Shea Siegert to talk about the Alaskans for Better Elections ballot initiative. They discuss what the initiative does, why they are supporting it, how it will change how Alaskans elect politicians if it passes, how ranked choice voting works, the financial disclosure aspect of the initiative, and the current status of the court case. 

January 13, 2020

Jodie Hettrick - Episode 137

Jeff was joined by Anchorage Fire Chief Jodie Hettrick. They discuss why she decided to become a firefighter and paramedic, the different places she has worked in Alaska, some of the challenges of being a female firefighter, the Anchorage Fire Ops 101 program, how she got into the administrative side of things, the November 30 earthquake, being Fire Chief, and the fire challenges that Anchorage faces.

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