Jeff was joined by Mollie Barnes. They discuss the coronavirus issue (this was recorded on March 9), her background, some of her travels, her time studying journalism at the University of Missouri, dating apps, how she ended up in Juneau, her time working at the Juneau Empire, the changing media landscape, a weird trip to NYC to sell Christmas trees, and other topics. 

March 16, 2020

Kevin Meyer - Episode 149

Jeff was joined by Lieutenant Governor Kevin Meyer (R - Alaska). They discuss his previous times on the podcast, the late Senator Chris Birch, his time so far as lieutenant governor, the current threats facing Alaska's economy, his role as being in charge of elections, some of the potential threats facing our election system, some of the proposed ballot initiatives, and the growing concern over COVID-19. 

March 14, 2020

Mike Prax - Episode 148

Jeff was joined by newly confirmed Representative Mike Prax (R - North Pole). They discuss his recent appointment to the House, why his family moved to Alaska, a restaurant his family used to own in Fairbanks, how he got into politics, his time on the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly, his ideas about government, his first impressions of the legislature, and political correctness in America. 

Jeff was again joined by Senator Elvi Gray-Jackson (D - Anchorage). They discuss current ongoings in the Legislature, her past time on the Anchorage Assembly, the floor speeches she gave during Black History Month, her time running a catering business, her approach to being a legislator, and some of the current issues facing Alaska. 

Jeff was joined by Susanne DiPietro, the Executive Director of the Alaska Judicial Council. They discuss the history of the Judicial Council, the makeup of the Council, how the Council decides on the names they send to the governor to select as judges, the differences between judges and politicians, how judicial retention works, the Alaska Court System, and what it's like being a judge. 

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