April 5, 2020

Tom Wright - Episode 152

Jeff was joined by Tom Wright. Wright has worked in the Alaska Legislature since 1987, 15 years of which was in the Speaker's Office. They discuss his background in Alaska politics, why he moved to Alaska in 1982, his time in radio, his time working as a corrections officer, the legislators he has worked for, a great story about Sarah Palin when she was governor, what it was like being chief of staff to the Speaker of the House, and the COVID-19 situation. 

Jeff was joined by Genevieve Mina, the President of the Alaska Young Democrats. They discuss Ja Rule's concert being cancelled in Anchorage, the Fyre Fest debacle, the new ranked choice voting system the Alaska Democratic Party is using for their presidential primary, how the caucus system functions, her time at the 2016 Democratic Convention, Alaska politics, and other topics. 

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