Jeff was joined by Senator Lora Reinbold (R - Eagle River). They discuss her background in Alaska, how she first got involved in politics, why she decided to run for the House in 2012, why she decided to vote against the budget in 2015, the consequences of that vote, the binding caucus rule, why she decided to run for the Senate in 2018, Alaska's budget, her concerns with the COVID-19 mandates, and a petition she is currently working on. 

Jeff was joined by Libby Bakalar. This is her third time on Landmine Radio. They discuss her new job, a recent Twitter interaction with a former legislator, her blog One Hot Mess, COVID-19, the controversial email from Representative Ben Carpenter that went global, comparing the 1960s to today, President Trump, and a variety of other topics. 

Jeff was joined by Juneau attorney Joe Geldhof. They discuss a tense interaction between him and a former representative during public testimony of a committee, why he decided to move to Alaska in the 1970s, Alaska's political history, the Alaska Legislature, the PFD, and a recent lawsuit he filed on the how the legislature accepted the federal COVID money.  

Jeff was joined by Cale Green. Cale is the Director of Photography for the Alaska Landmine. They discuss the RV he bought last year for his new venture Wild Explored, his trip to Mexico to get surgery, his time driving around the U.S. in his RV, how COVID impacted his plans, some Landmine stuff he has been working on, his Cale Review videos, Jeff's 2016 campaign, and the recent #AKquarantine Landmine video contest. 

Check out the twelfth episode of Landmine Love with Jeff and Sabrena! Listen to their thoughts and advice on love, sex, and relationship questions. If you have a question you would like to submit, you can send Jeff a message or an email at No subject or question is off limits. Questions will be anonymous.

Jeff was joined by Paxson Woelber. Paxson is the Creative Director and Special Features Editor for the Alaska Landmine. They discuss how the Landmine's first special feature, "The bizarre story of Campbell Lake, the private lake that isn't," came about, how we did the reporting, some of the funny things that happened before we published the feature, the follow-up stories we did, and the result of the State of Alaska and Municipality of Anchorage putting out a statement affirming Campbell Lake is public. 

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