February 27, 2021

Larry Persily - Episode 191

Jeff was joined by Larry Persily. They discuss his history working in Alaska politics, his time working on the gasline project, Alaska's fiscal challenges, some of the ways he thinks we can solve it, the prospects of a gasline being built, the impact Covid will have on tourism this year, and next year's election. 

February 13, 2021

Pat Pitney - Episode 190

Jeff was joined by University of Alaska President Pat Pitney. They discuss her 1984 Olympic gold medal in Air Rifle for Women, why she moved to Alaska, her time as OMB director for former Governor Bill Walker, her time working as the director of the Legislative Finance Division, how she became president of the University of Alaska, Alaska's fiscal situation, and the future of the University of Alaska. 

February 6, 2021

Bill Walker - Episode 189

Jeff was joined by former Governor Bill Walker via Zoom. They discuss the November 2018 earthquake that hit right before he left office, what he has been doing since being governor, a discussion about the Alaska gasline, Alaska's fiscal challenges, his attempts to solve the Alaska's fiscal problems when he was governor, how the passing of Ballot Measure 2 will impact elections, and whether or not he plans to run for office again. 

February 6, 2021

Joe Geldhof - Episode 188

Jeff was joined by Juneau attorney Joe Geldhof. They discuss his background in Alaska, the Alaska Industrial Development Export Authority, the history of Alaska's budget, some past Alaska politicians and some of their ideas, who might be running for office in 2022, some Alaska political history, our fiscal problems, the gridlock in the Alaska Legislature, and the Permanent Fund issue. 

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