Jeff was joined by Mac McHale and Ariel Burr from Quintillion. They discuss the impacts of the recent infrastructure bill on broadband, the history of Quintillion, what the company is doing now, their plans for growth, how they overcame their former CEO being indicated and convicted of fraud, and their recent addition of a ground station on the North Slope to retrieve satellite data. 

October 28, 2021

Greg Miller - Episode 216

Jeff was joined by Anchorage Superior Court Judge Greg Miller. They discuss his aviation and firefighting career before becoming a lawyer, how that affected attending college and law school, why he moved to Alaska to practice law, the process of applying to be a judge, being appointed by former Governor Sean Parnell in 2011, how COVID has affected the judicial system, and his recently announced retirement. 

October 13, 2021

Scott McMurren - Episode 215

Jeff was again joined by travel guru Scott McMurren from Alaska Travelgram. They discuss how COVID is still impacting air travel and the tourism industry, the reward and mileage programs for different airlines, the best way to use miles, and some amazing upcoming deals on airline tickets. 

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