Jeff was joined by Democratic U.S. House candidate Mary Peltola and her campaign manager, Kim Jones. They discuss Peltoa's time serving in the Alaska Legislature, growing up in rural Alaska, her dad's longtime friendship with the late Congressman Don Young, how her campaign got her into the top-four in a 48 person race, Al Gross' withdrawal from the race, some of the issues facing Alaska, her strategy for the special general election, and why she decided to run for Congress. 

June 21, 2022

Rob Forbes - Episode 246

Jeff was joined by Rob Forbes, who is running in the special election for the Downtown Anchorage Assembly seat. They discuss his former business Shred Alaska, his new business the Eureka Space, the challenges of running a small business, why he decided to run for the Anchorage Assembly, some of the issues facing Anchorage and the state, and the acrimony between the Assembly and Mayor Dave Bronson. 

Jeff was again joined by Scott McMurren from Alaska Travelgram. They discuss the high airfare prices that are still on the rise, some deals that are out there within the United States and abroad, the new airline flying direct from Anchorage to Frankfurt, some of the ways to use credit cards for travel benefits, and some clever ways to earn more elite qualifying miles. 

June 17, 2022

Mike Craig - Episode 244

Jeff was joined by Mike Craig from Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. They discuss how he grew up in Valdez and Glenallen, how he turned a temporary one month job at Alyeska into a career that has lasted 39 years, his work at Alyeska since the early 1980s, keeping the Trans-Alaska Pipeline safe, and the upcoming 45th anniversary of the pipeline being in service. 

Jeff was joined by Jodi Taylor, board chair of the Alaska Policy Forum. They discuss why her family moved to Alaska, how she met her husband Treg Taylor (the current attorney general), a recent article about the state reimbursing parents for some private school classes, how this has been going on for several years, the benefits of the program, and how education can be improved in our country. 

Jeff was joined by former Anchorage Homeless Coordinator Dr. John Morris. They discuss the rules when drinking moonshine, his upbringing in West Virginia, why he decided to move to Alaska, why he decided to become an anesthesiologist, some of the science and history behind anesthesia, his time as homeless coordinator under Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson, some of his thoughts on solving homelessness, and why the homelessness continues to be in issue in Anchorage. 

Jeff was joined by Senator Bill Wielechowski (D - Anchorage). They discuss the transgender girls in sports bill being debated in the Senate, the organizational problems in the Senate, his time in the old bipartisan Senate majority, the chaos with the budget on the Senate floor, the possibility of the House concurring with the Senate's colossal budget, how things have changed during his 16 years in the Senate, the redistricting process, and his upcoming re-election. 

Jeff was joined by Lael Oldmixon, the program director Alaska 529. They discuss how Alaska 529 - a savings plan that lets people save for their education - works, how and what the money can be used for, how they were established, the ability to use part of your dividend for Alaska 529, the rising cost of tuition and the student loan problem in the United States, some of the incentives they are currently offering, and how they are trying to get more people to open 529 accounts for themselves and their children. 

Jeff was joined by Senator Lisa Murkowski (R - Alaska) and Senator Joe Manchin (D - West Virginia). They discuss the recent confirmation vote of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, their role in getting the infrastructure bill passed, the media attention he got when he came out against the Build Back Better bill, the Senate voting to ban Russian energy imports, increasing American energy production, and what Manchin likes about Alaska. 

Jeff was joined by former KTVA employees Trent McNelly and Jason Sear. They discuss the story of when Charlo Greene infamously said "Fuck it, I quit" live on air in 2014 when she was a KTVA reporter, the roles Trent and Jason played in the immediate aftermath, how the situation quickly went global, their background in news and at KTVA, and the challenges the news media is facing. 

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