July 31, 2019

Chuck Kopp - Episode 94

Jeff was joined by Representative Chuck Kopp (R - Anchorage). Kopp was elected to the State House in 2016. Before that he worked as a legislative staffer. He currently serves as the Rules Chairman. They discuss his time in Juneau as a staffer and legislator, why he decided to join the bipartisan coalition in the House, the makeup of his District, his time working in law enforcement, the budget, the PFD, and other issues facing Alaska. 

Jeff was joined by Representative Steve Thompson (R - Fairbanks), who currently serves as Majority Leader. Thompson was elected the the House of Representatives in 2010. Prior to that he served two terms as the mayor of Fairbanks. They discuss his history in Fairbanks, the auto parts store he came to own, Fairbanks in the 1970s, why he decided to get into politics, his time in the Legislature, the issues with organizing the House at the beginning of session, and current issues facing Alaska. 

July 25, 2019

David Teal - Episode 92

Jeff was joined by David Teal. Teal has been the Legislative Finance Director for over 20 years. They discuss the role of the Legislative Finance Division, his history working in Alaska, the history of fiscal issues facing Alaska, the Permanent Fund, the recent issue of the sweep and reverse sweep, and how Alaska is unique compared to other states. 

Jeff was joined by former Governor Frank Murkowski. This is his second time on the podcast. Jeff ran into him in Anchorage while his daughter, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R - Alaska) was speaking at a Commonwealth North lunch. They discuss Governor Mike Dunleavy's (R - Alaska) budget veteos, how he dealt with major issues with the Legislature when he was governor, the Alaska Marine Highway system, a bizarre feral cow issue on Chirikof he dealt with when he was governor, and an incredible story about getting a totem pole from Alaska to Japan, and back! 

Jeff was joined by Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. Berkowitz was elected mayor in 2015 and re-elected in 2018. He previously served ten years in the Alaska Legislature. They discuss the recent budget vetoes by Governor Mike Dunleavy (R - Alaska), the protestors camping on the Park Strip, homelessness in Anchorage, his time in the Legislature, housing in Anchorage, and how it's been being mayor for the last four years. 

Jeff was joined by former State Senator Johnny Ellis. Ellis served in the House from 1987-1992 and in the Senate from 1993-2016. They discuss his history in Alaska politics, his history in the Legislature, his time in the bipartisan working group in the Senate, current issues facing Alaska including the Permanent Fund and the budget, as well as many great stories about Alaska politics. 

July 3, 2019

Al Gross - Episode 88

Jeff was joined by Dr. Al Gross. Gross recently filed to challenge incumbent junior Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan (R - Alaska). They discuss his history in Alaska, including his dad serving as Attorney General under former Governor Jay Hammond, his background as a doctor, why he decided to run for U.S. Senate, healthcare policy in the United States, other issues facing Alaska, and his family. 

Jeff was joined by Department of Fish and Game Commissioner Doug Vincent-Lang. He was appointed Commissioner by newly elected Governor Mike Dunleavy (R - Alaska) last December. They discuss his educational background, his history with Fish and Game, the role of Fish and Game for managing wildlife in Alaska, the infamous "fish wars," the growing issue of bears in Anchorage, and how it's been being Commissioner. 

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