August 20, 2020

Don Young - Episode 167

Jeff was joined by Congressman Don Young (R - Alaska). He has been Congressman for all of Alaska since 1973. They discuss the recent primary election, his past elections, what it's like working in D.C., the recent ANWR announcement, a private bill he introduced to help a wife and mother in Bethel the government is trying to deport, his work on cannabis legislation, a story about how he used to play racquetball with President George H.W. Bush, the US Postal Service, and a great story about a hunting trap and Mary Tyler Moore at a committee hearing. 

August 6, 2020

Liz Snyder - Episode 166

Jeff was joined by Liz Snyder, current Democratic candidate for House District 27. They discuss her 2018 campaign, why she moved to Alaska with her husband, her education, her job at UAA, her current campaign compared to her last campaign, COVID, what it's like in Juneau, and issues facing Alaska. 

Jeff was joined by Christine O'Connor, the Executive Director of the Alaska Telecom Association. They discuss her life in Alaska, which included being daughter of a State Trooper and growing up in rural Alaska, commercial fishing in Bristol Bay, the telecom industry in Alaska, the recent 911 dispatch issue, and some of the current legislative races. 

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