October 23, 2020

Craig Medred - Episode 176

Jeff was joined by the legendary Craig Medred. They discuss his time working as a reporter in Alaska, his time working for Senator Mike Gravel in D.C., the time he was attacked by a brown bear, the drama that went down with Alice Rogoff and the Alaska Dispatch and Anchorage Daily News, the challenges of running an independent news site, and a bunch of great Alaska history and stories. 

October 20, 2020

Ella Ede - Episode 175

Jeff was joined by Ella Ede, the executive director of Alaska Resource Education. They talk about her growing up in rural Alaska, moving to Wasilla in middle school, attending high school with Sarah Palin, the mission and role of Alaska Resource Education, and some great stories. 

Jeff and Paxson from the Alaska Landmine break down the bizarre series of events that culminated in the resignation of Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. There are many players that include Mayor Berkowitz, rogue reporter Maria Athens, a woman who sells booze infused cookies, and a former escort (just to name a few) and a whole lot to unpack. We do our best to break down the timeline and try and explain what in the hell happened. 

October 17, 2020

Janet Weiss - Episode 173

Jeff was joined by Janet Weiss, former president of BP Alaska. They discuss BP's decision to sell their Alaska assets to Hilcorp, her history with BP, the history of oil/gas on the North Slope, how it was working as the president of BP Alaska, oil tax policy in Alaska, her thoughts on Ballot Measure #1, and a unique table building business she and her family operates. 

October 10, 2020

Kelly Cooper - Episode 172

Jeff was joined by Kelly Cooper. Cooper is an Independent candidate running in House District 31. They discuss how she came to Alaska, what Anchorage was like in the 80s, why she moved to Homer, her time on the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly, businesses she owns in Homer, why she decided to run for the legislature, and how her campaign has been going. 

October 10, 2020

Landmine Love - Episode 13

Check out the thirteenth episode of Landmine Love with Jeff and Sabrena! This episode was recorded in June but due to a technical error was not posted until now. Listen to their thoughts and advice on love, sex, and relationship questions. If you have a question you would like to submit, you can send Jeff a message or an email at jeff@alaskalandmine.com. No subject or question is off limits. Questions will be anonymous.

October 6, 2020

Irina Dudina - Episode 171

Jeff was joined by his friend Irina Dudina. Irina tells a wild story of how she got trapped in Russia due to COVID. She had travelled to Russia in early March to see her parents, but not long after she arrived the lockdown started. She and her husband live in Spain and she was pregnant with their second child. Listen to Irina talk about how she jumped through a ton of bureaucratic hoops, in classic Russian style, and how she eventually was able to get back to Spain. 

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