November 16, 2020

Madi Ko - Episode 181

Jeff was joined by graphic designer Madi Ko. They discuss how she became a member of Team Landmine, her attending the Rhode Island School of Design, being in college during COVID, working as a graphic artist, her working on the Ballot Measure 2 campaign, and what the future holds for Alaska. 

Jeff was joined by Senator Scott Kawasaki (D - Fairbanks) and Joelle Hall from the Alaska AFL-CIO. They discuss the problem with counting Alaska's ballots, how we run elections, the recent election including some of the close races, the redistricting process, increasing the number of legislators, how Ballot Measure 2 will impact election if it passes, and some awesome stories. 

November 9, 2020

Noel Lowe - Episode 179

Jeff was joined by Noel Lowe, owner of Alaska Fast Cash. They discuss his time as a legislative aide in Juneau, his time on the Wasilla City Council when Sarah Palin was mayor, his time working in the IT industry, how he got into the pawn business, how the pawn business works, and some stories about working in Juneau. 

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