Jeff was joined by newly elected Senator Elvi Gray-Jackson (D - Anchorage). Gray-Jackson was elected to the Senate last November after former Senator Berta Gardner retired. She previously served three terms on the Anchorage Assembly. They discuss her background working for the Municipality of Anchorage, why she moved to Alaska, why she decided to run for the Assembly, her time interacting with community councils, why she decided to run for the Senate, and the budget. 

April 29, 2019

Dan Ortiz - Episode 68

Jeff was joined by Representative Dan Ortiz (I - Ketchikan). Ortiz was elected to the House in 2014 after former Representative Peggy Wilson retired. They discuss his history in Ketchikan, including being a teacher at Ketchikan High School, why he decided to run for the Legislature, the Marine Highway System, the shipyard in Ketchikan, the budget and his seat on the House Finance Committee, and other issues facing Alaska. 

April 28, 2019

Jason Grenn - Episode 67

Jeff was joined by former Representative Jason Grenn. Grenn was elected to represent West Anchorage in 2016 as in Independent. He was defeated by a Republican in 2018 in a weird three-way race. He was recently in Juneau for his new job with Unite America. They discuss his new job, his election loss last year, his time in the Legislature, the ethics bill he got passed while in the Legislature, his 2016 campaign, and some issues currently facing Alaska. 

Jeff was joined by newly elected Governor Michael J. Dunleavy (R - Alaska). Before being elected as Alaska's 12th governor, Dunleavy served five years in the Alaska Senate. They discuss his run for Senate in 2012, why he decided to run for governor, his campaign for governor, including what was said on the campaign compared to his proposed budget, his proposed crime bills, the permanent fund dividend, as well as a wild story about a prank call from people posing as the President, Prime Minister, and Ambassador of Ukraine.

April 25, 2019

Bart LeBon - Episode 65

Jeff was joined by newly elected Representative Bart LeBon (R - Fairbanks). LeBon ran for the open seat that Scott Kawasaki vacated to run for the Senate. He won the extremely close general election by one vote - 2663-2662! They discuss how he came to Fairbanks to play college basketball, his career in Fairbanks as a banker, why he decided to run for the Legislature, the story about his very close election and how it was not officially decided by the Alaska Supreme Court until early January, as well as the budget and his position on the House Finance Committee.

April 25, 2019

Zack Fields - Episode 64

Jeff was joined by newly elected Representative Zack Fields (D - Anchorage). Fields was elected to represent Downtown Anchorage last year after former Representative Les Gara decided to retire. They discuss his recent election, his background working on labor issues, his job with the Laborers Local 341 in Anchorage, his co-chairing of the House State Affairs Committee, including some of the high profile confirmation hearings, as well as the budget and other issues facing Alaska. 

April 24, 2019

Ed Page - Episode 63

Jeff was joined by Ed Page, Executive Director of the Marine Exchange of Alaska. Page graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 1972 and retired as a captain after serving 29 years. They discuss his maritime background, how he ended up in Alaska, what the Marine Exchange of Alaska is and how it came about, as well as the what their function is. The Marine Exchange uses software to track commercial vessels around a 1.5 million square mile area in the Gulf of Alaska and Pacific Ocean. It's quite the operation. Ed is very high energy!  

Jeff was joined by Revenue Commissioner Bruce Tangeman. Tangeman has had a career in the private sector as well as the public sector. He previously served as Deputy Commissioner of Revenue, worked at AHFC, and also worked for former Senator Pete Kelly. They discuss his upbringing in Indiana, how he ended up in Alaska, his career in Alaska, revenue issues currently facing Alaska, oil taxes, and the recent budget roadshow with Governor Dunleavy. 

April 20, 2019

Matt Claman - Episode 61

Jeff was joined by Representative Matt Claman (D - Anchorage). Claman was elected to the State House in 2014. Prior to that he served on the Anchorage Assembly and as acting Anchorage Mayor for six months. They discuss his background in Alaska, his time at law school and clerking in the federal court in El Paso, his legal career in Alaska, why he decided to run for office, his time in the Legislature, including chairing the House Judiciary Committee, crime issues and SB 91, and the proposed constitutional amendments by the Governor. 

April 18, 2019

Landmine Love - Episode 8

Check out the eighth episode of Landmine Love with Jeff and Sabrena! Listen to Jeff and Sabrena’s thoughts and advice on sex, relationship, and dating questions. If you have a question you would like to submit, you can send Jeff a message or an email at No subject or question is off limits. Questions will be anonymous.

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